Mead Air Timers ( Normally Closed )

Mead Fluid Dynamics
Air timers are used to delay theair signal coming in or out of anair component. Depending on themodel, the delay may be adjustedfrom 0.75 to 30 seconds. Inputport is indicated by a yellow dot.Timers are available in either normally closed (NC) or normallyopen (NO) models. Normally closed models are used to time in and normally open models are used to time out. Once set, timers are accurate for repeatability to 10% with regulated air pressure. Timing In (Normally Closed) Circuit, the 3-way valve is actuated and air is sent to the controlvalve. The control valve shifts, sending air through port A to the cylinder, which extends. Air also flows to the timer where it begins totime to the pre-setting. Once reached, the timer opens, allowing theair to flow through to the control valves other pilot port, shifting thevalve back. Air flows through port B, retracting the cylinder. Timing Out (Normally Open) Circuit, when the 3-way valve is actuated, air flows through the NO timer tothe control valve. The 3-way valve remains actuated. The controlvalve shifts, sending air through port A to the cylinder, which extends.At the same time, the timer begins to time to the pre-setting. Oncereached, the timer closes, blocking off the air flow to the controlvalve, which spring returns. Air flows through port B, retracting the cylinder.
Technical Detail Specifications
$ CAD 136.94 - $ CAD 233.35
5 variations of this product are available.
5 Product Variations
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Item Max Pressure (PSI) Thread Type Thread Size (in) Price Unit Processing Time Qty
150 NPT 1/8
$ CAD 176.51
Each Around 14 days
150 NPT 1/8
$ CAD 136.94
Each Around 14 days
150 NPT 1/8
$ CAD 208.31
Each Around 14 days
150 NPT 1/8
$ CAD 224.81
Each Around 14 days
150 NPT 1/8
$ CAD 233.35
Each Around 14 days