Versa Valve Shuttle Valves

Versa Valve
Shuttle Valves have a free moving shuttle that blocks one of two inlet ports while the other inlet port is connected to the (common) outlet port. When a pressure signal enters the port blocked by the shuttle, it will cause the shuttle to shift over to close the opposite inlet port. The shuttle will stay there while the line or chamber connected to the outlet port is charged and/or discharged and will only shift when pressure is applied to the inlet port it is blocking at that time.In logic terms a shuttle valve is an ‘OR’ - function.
Technical Detail Specifications
$ USD 28.07 - $ USD 79.70
4 variations of this product are available.
4 Product Variations
Grouped product items
Item Max Pressure (PSI) Thread Type Thread Size (in) Air Flow Price Unit Processing Time Qty
200 NPT 3/4 6.5cv
$ USD 79.70
Each Around 14 days
200 NPT 3/8 1.6cv
$ USD 43.87
Each Around 14 days
200 NPT 1/2 2.1cv
$ USD 43.87
Each Next business day
200 NPT 1/4 0.8cv
$ USD 28.07
Each Around 14 days